The filter field can be used to restrict the list of files you want to operate on. This comes in handy when you only want to rename a subset of files in a directory (eg, “*.jpg”). After typing in a new filter, press <Enter> to apply it. To invert the filter (that is, exclude files that match) toggle the button.

The expression can be either a glob or a regex (both are always case-insensitive). As with the regex fields, you can shift-rightclick to display a menu of elements to insert.


A glob expression contains only two special characters, and must match the entire filename.

Invalid characters: \ / : " < > |


A regex filter follows the same rules as the Match pattern.

Note that filters always operate on the entire filename including the extension, even when Preserve file extension is enabled.


You can see the number of files in the current path, and how many have been filtered out or are hidden, by holding your mouse over the word Stats above the filter box.

The values are: