Show hidden files

When checked, files with the hidden attribute will be included in the file list for renaming. These will be listed in a light gray colour (see File list).

WARNING: This is usually not a good idea as hidden files tend to be important, and renaming important system files may be hazardous to your computers health!

Preserve file extension

Normally RegexRenamer operates on the entire filename, extension included. This can be sometimes tricky when you want to make changes to the filename only and not its extension. Rather than matching and replacing the extension with itself each time, checking Preserve file extension will hide the file’s extension and RegexRenamer will operate on the filename portion only.

Note: Regardless of the setting of this option, Filter always operates on the entire filename.

Enable realtime preview

Enabled by default, this will update the preview column in the filelist whenever you make a change in either of the regex fields so you can immediately see the effect of what you’re typing. Normally this is fine, however on slower computers or in folders with lots of files this may cause RegexRenamer to respond sluggishly.

When disabled the preview is only updated when you press <Enter> or leave the regex fields (ie, click somewhere else). Be careful to make sure the preview is current before clicking Rename – the program will always rename according to the current settings, which may not be what’s displayed in the preview!

Allow rename to subfolders

Checking this option enables a feature where you can include folder(s) in the replacement filename and have them automatically created and the file moved to that location. For example, if C:\My MP3s contained a file called Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home.mp3, you could replace “ - ” with “\” (resulting in Avril Lavigne\Nobody's Home.mp3), and the file would end up as C:\My MP3s\Avril Lavigne\Nobody's Home.mp3.

See Organising files into a folder hierarchy for a more in-depth example.

Only rename selected rows

Normally all matched files with a different preview will be renamed. When this option is enabled only the selected rows in the filelist are processed. Click and drag to select multiple rows, or click while holding <Shift> or <Ctrl> to add/remove selected rows.

Remember window position

When enabled, the size and position of the RegexRenamer window is restored when you re-launch the program.

Add explorer context menu

Check this option to add an item to the right-click menu in Windows Explorer. You can then start RegexRenamer by right-clicking a folder in Explorer or My Computer and selecting Rename using RegexRenamer.


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